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"Design is intelligence made visible."

Who are we?

Fa·nat·ic : a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits. We don't mind being called fanatics. We've been called obsessive and we have been called geniuses. We have a passion for all things design related. We are students of design experts like Jakob Nielsen and Steve Jobs. We wear many hats: artists, developers, and usability experts, all so you can receive the best possible design to accomplish your goal.

What do we do?

The first step in any project is to define the objective as well as its design, usability, and execution challenges. Then we develop a strategy, a time line, and work to execute the client's vision. Once we understand the objective, the challenges, the strategy, and the vision we start from the beginning. Depending on the client and the project we may (re)design logos to help create a brand, decide what technologies should be utilized based on the objective, deliver and test designs until the proper demographic delivers the proper results, and finally…complete the execution of the strategy through a variety of services such as: logo design and brand development, web design and development, photography, video production, marketing, and advertising. So, what do we do? Whatever it takes to accomplish the client's objective.